Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Lost Imperative

Hail my running brothers and sisters!  I've been pretty bad about keeping up with the blog lately.  In my defense, I've been trying to catch up with Lost in time for Season 6 to start.  I had quit watching after Season 2, and to date, I've made it through the middle of Season 4.  Not bad for about a weeks worth of television watching, but sadly this leaves little time for blogging.  I figure with a little effort, I should be able to finish Season 5 by next week.  Then I'm straight into Season 6.  Ah, Lost, how you're convoluted story-telling and confusing plotlines have so entertained me.  I cursed the recap episodes, swore at the ridiculously long spans of time between episodes, drank in honor of the fallen characters, and delighted in the some of the most engaging and thought provoking television that I've watched in years.  I'll miss you when you're gone.  Now don't think I've haven't kept up with my running, because I have.  Not even Lost can keep me from my running.  Now for the hard numbers:  I did a 4.6 mile easy run at a 8:16/mile.  It was a decent run in the cold rain after a particularly hard abs class at the Y.  Apparently being skinnier doesn't mean that my core is any real shape.  A word to you fledgling runners, remember to build up your overall strength as well as your mileage.  You'll reduce the possibility and severity of injuries as well as build up your endurance for all those long runs.  All right kids, have fun and run hard!

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