Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Obligatory Update

Like my blogging, my running has suffered of late.  I wish that I could say that I was overwhelmed with work, basketball coaching and other sickness, but mostly it was laziness and video game playing.  It's shameful how easy it is to blow off a workout session to level up my newest character on DC Universe Online (fyi, I'm on the Zero Hour server.  This game is AWESOME!).  However looking over my calendar, it occurred to me that I have a marathon to run in  two and half months, and my longest run, until today, had been 7 miles.  Throw in that I can't run my first two races of the year because of scheduling conflicts, it would be wise of me to defer my marathon.  But as my lovely wife has often told me, wisdom has not always been my strongest quality.  So today, I ripped out 10 miles at an 8:32/mi pace.  I'm feeling it now.  And it feels a lot like a large full bag of feces.  A very, very FULL bag.  For the week, I did 31.23 miles at an average pace of 8:39/mi.  I did 10 minutes at the Y of weights and about 5 minutes of light weights at home during The Biggest Loser (afterwards I ate some ice cream while I watched the weigh-in.  Good times).

On a more positive note, yesterday was my son's last basketball game.  As most of you know, I was one of the coaches for the team.  They won in a spectacular fashion with the other team cursing and gnashing their teeth in frustration (and that was mostly the other coach!  Not my fault, I swear).  They ended the season 6-4, and frankly I was surprised (happily) that the won any games under my watch.  That just goes to show how talented the kids and the other coaches were!  Go Bears! 

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