Monday, April 16, 2012

4.16.12 Daily Updates

I've decided to do most of my micro-blogging/diaries on  You can look up my profile there under lawmonkey13 or if you're on Twitter you can follow me there @lawmonkey13.  Most of my posts will contain my daily workouts and some random thoughts.  Over here, I'll try to keep it to some observations about my training, or training in general, and the occasional review.  On that note, the Boston Marathon was today.  Since I've started running, I've had a not-so-secret desire to earn my place into Boston.  It is the holy grail of marathons.  However, as I've gotten older, I'm not sure how attainable it is for me, even at my current running level.  Honestly, I start to lose focus after more than 30 miles a week and to qualify for Boston, I figure I'll need at least 40-60 miles per week along with cross training.  I still want to do it, but I may have to face the fact that it may be out of reach.  So that's why I'm now starting to eye the world of obstacle races!  Yeehaw!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

4.15.12 Training Sucks

Life is funny.  I've been pretty bad (eating wise) this weekend, but I'm still probably lower in weight than I have been since high school (humblebrag).  Still I feel bad for not sticking with my training and my diet plan (I bought half a mango key lime pie this weekend).  Tomorrow, I get back on track, but I have to start my tapering for the Country Music Half-Marathon on 4.28.12.  I'm still debating throwing out the pie, but honestly, it feels like a crime to do so.  Sometimes being healthy/training sucks.  Run of the Day.  

Saturday, April 14, 2012

4.14.12 Sarcasm

I've missed blogging...sort of. Oh, I don't miss the endless hours of coming up with the funny to make my hobby (lifestyle? Sounds a bit much, right?) (Sport!) seem fun and dare I say, interesting to anyone but me or the repetitive recollections of glorious (in my own mind) battles, and occasionally victories, on the race course (Seriously, how many different ways can I mess up a race? For me, I'm pretty much a specialist at going out to fast and collapsing near the end). If I miss anything, it's the self-indulgence in focusing on myself and everything that I do. Still my inherent has consistently won out lately and I have neglected this space of my life.
So again, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, I'm returning to this space with a new agenda. Let's see if inspiration strikes again as I attempt to chronicle my daily workouts.
Let's summarize: I've been pretty lazy and I'm changing stuff. Sounds good.

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