Thursday, October 2, 2008


So my weight is sitting pretty firmly around 192-193 lbs. I looked up my "ideal" body weight today and it should be somewhere between 165-173. 20lbs. Geez that seems like a lot of weight. I've been working out lately trying to lose that extra weight, but my tired, old body has been nothing but a mass of aches and pains all week. I did somehow manage to knock out 3 miles today, which strangely left me feeling pretty good. I can only assume the endorphins kicked in, but when I come down off my running "high," I will probably feel like ass. So why bother now? I've been pretty content to stay in my 190-200lb range for the last several years, so why am I suddenly so gung ho to drop the extra 20 lbs. Partly it's the competition. My friend Tiffany and I are duking it out to see who can lose the most weight every few weeks. She won the first contest, I won the second, and we have 2 weeks left in this one. I suspect that she'll take the crown this round, but it does help to have someone to help motivate you. Then there's the crazy/paranoid reason. I figure with the downturn in the economy, the remarkable unimpressiveness of our current candidates, and Nashville's recent gas shortage that society's age of reason is coming to a close and we're staring straight into the face of a Mad Max future. If this happens, I'm going to be stronger, leaner and meaner to survive the Thunderdome! 2 men go in, 1 man go out! Of course, there is the vanity factor. Years of law school and law practice have helped developed my arrogant persona, so I may as well have the bod to match, right? There may be a fourth reason, but I can't seem to properly pin it down. Societal norms, peer pressure to conform to a certain look, social desire. I'm not sure. Or at least, I'm not acknowledging it yet. Either way, I'm hoping that I can at least maintain my desire to reach my goal. I've started and stopped on this weight loss train many times, and getting back on is never easy. I get bored. I get hungry. I get tired. You know what I mean. Ah well time to hit the sack. Yeah I may even start trying to get more sleep. Now that's as big of shocker as giving up pie! Lord, give me strength!

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