Monday, May 3, 2010

The Flood Update

Hail my running brothers and sisters!  To add to my weekend of my dog passing away, I was one of the Nashville flood victims.  Albeit, I did not have it NEARLY as bad as other people.  However I have not had power for 2 days.  Today, the weather cleared enough that I was able to get gas with the generous help of  some very good friends (Thanks Cserno's!) took me 50 miles outside of town to get some gas.  Of course after we got back, Kroger opened their pumps and let other people fill up!  Somebody cleared one of the roads leading to the interstate, and I've managed to get out and get some hot food.  The waters are receding where I live but there are still a lot of homes underwater.  Thankfully, like I said, I live on a hill so I didn't get it as bad as other people just 2 miles down the road.  Plus my family and most of my neighbors that I know about are all okay.  I want to give a big shoutout to Publix.  They've stayed open during this entire emergency and have been bringing in supplies as soon as they could.  They've even set up powerstrips outside the store for people to bring in their phone chargers and laptops to connect to the world.  They have definitely cemented my customer loyalty!  I've managed to run a few miles, but I haven't had a chance to sync up the data yet.  Mostly it was running to check what streets were open, stores, etc.  Here are some pics from today:

There are still a lot of people out there who need help and it's not getting any better soon enough.  Please keep those people in your thoughts and prayers.  Thanks.


Julie said...

Oh Joel,
I am so sorry to hear about the flood. Thank goodness you are okay! Those pictures really show the essence of the disaster.

I am thinking of you and will keep you and all of the flood victims in my prayers. Hang in there Joel.

lawmonkey13 said...

Thanks Julie. We're slowly recovering out here, but I was much luckier than most. I'm hoping to get back to regular life soon.

RunnerMom said...

It was ugly here, as well. The kids finally went back to school today. I felt silly thinking about running last week, but hired a babysitter to get in an 8-miler more to get away from the kids briefly than any training reason! Absurdly, my runs are going really well the last couple of weeks since the half-marathon, which was just ugly. Just a few weeks too late...

I'm glad to see the Wilma and the Clarksville Half on your schedule. I'll be working at both and probably will run either the 10K or 5K. (maybe both if I'm feeling froggy) I'm thinking about the Middle Half in Oct and Chickamagua or Huntsville as my next full. If I did Chickamagua, Chris could run the first half with me and I'd only be on my own for the last 13.1. Hmmm... maybe they'd let him run the LAST half of it with me. That would be a better plan!

Anonymous said...

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