Monday, May 10, 2010

The Comeback Spin

Hail my running brothers and sisters!  Just to prove that I'm growing, and not one dimensional, I did a spinning  (the bike, not the rims) class today at the Downtown YMCA.  My first actually, but not my last (dumbass).  It was agonizing fun, and afterwards I felt like a sweaty mess invigorated.  I wrung my shirt toweled off and headed for the street for a quick run in the nasty drizzle cool rain.  It felt great to be out and stretching my legs again (I miss bacon), and tomorrow I'm hoping to get in some decent base miles (I miss pie).  I got such a good workout (for my lazy  ass and I still miss bacon) that I'm thinking of squeezing at least 1 spin class per week into my training schedule (because I hate myself).

Okay now for the hard numbers:  1 hour of spin class.  A 4.15 mile tempo run at an average pace of 7:37/mi, and then to end the day, 3 sets of pull-ups (Thank you Iron Gym!) with reps of 11, 10, and 10.  Later kids!


Julie said...

You make me laugh. I love you! Thanks for making my playlist

Psyche said...

I love you,too, LawMonkey. I'm glad Julie said it first, so now I don't have to feel like a stalker:)

lawmonkey13 said...

Uhhh...Julie, meet Psyche...Psyche, meet Julie, my wife, not our bloggy/running friend from Minnesota. But if you want me to make you a playlist, I can do that too, Psyche. LOL!

Julie said...

Ha ha! I am reading all of the comments:) Joel, you do make me laugh too!

Nice work on your run and bike ride/spin:) Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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