Sunday, May 9, 2010

End of the Week Recap 5/9/10

Hail my running brothers and sisters!  This week was a truly unspectacular week as I only logged 9.47 miles at 8:14/mi.  I did a 20 minutes of conditioning/cross-training, and weighed in at an ugly 163.4 this afternoon.  I have 3 reasons for this downward turn that I hope to correct next week.

1.  We had this ridiculous flood down here in Nashville and throughout Middle Tennessee.  You may have read about it in the news, but I doubt it.  So I didn't run.

2.  I got a chest cold, so I didn't run.

3.  I didn't run.

I could have thrown in that "I was sad because my dog died, so I didn't run," but that seemed like overkill.  I also spent an awesome, relaxing, non-floody weekend with some wonderful family-friends this weekend at their lakehouse, and their new boat (woohoo!).  As a Mothers Day gift, my wife decided that we all need bikes so that we can ride together as a family.  I think that this is great idea, and it gives me another cross-training option.  

Happy Mothers Day to all you deserving ladies (even you Psyche).  Y'all should probably get a whole week at least.  And most of all Happy Mothers Day to my lovely wife and mother of my wonderful children. Y'all continue to amaze and delight me every day!

All right.  Next week, I jump back into marathon training as I rebuild my mileage base and kick up my speed work.  Later kids!

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