Monday, January 25, 2010

The Cold-Recovery Run Confluence

Hail my running brothers and sisters!  One would think that after a hard 11.2 mile run through Percy Warner Park yesterday that I might decide to rest today.  Well that just goes to show what you know!  After all, that run was last week, and this being Monday is the start of a whole brand-spanking new and shiny week.  But to show that I'm not a complete idiot (despite what my lovely wife thinks at times, particularly when the Boy's science fair proposal is due), I decided to make today a recovery run.  Just a nice and easy run around the snow!  Yes, dear the snow!  Let's recap very quickly.  Old, little guy from a small island in the Pacific near the equator.  Me no like-y cold!  Dammit!  But to be fair, it didn't really just flurried and didn't stick.  And it was around 40 degrees, and in my cold gear, I got warm very quickly.  But dammit, it was just 60 degrees yesterday!  Sigh.  I can't wait for spring and summer to get here, so that I can really amp up my training.  Still, I will admit that there is something very cool and romantic about running as the snow falls down around you.  Now for the hard numbers:  4.75 miles at 9:16/mile.   I would have preferred an easy run at under 9:00/mile, but I was feeling some slight pain in my right shin.  With that kind of pain, it just made sense to take it easy, work on my base mileage for the week, and let my body recover from yesterday.  Local Geek Tip:  If you need a comic book store (and let's face it, who doesn't), then I would suggest Rick's Comic City on Old Lebanon Road.  I've been going there for years now.  Rick is a good guy and he runs a family store.  I used to shop at Great Escape, but honestly I always felt that the comics were second banana to the music and videos there.  Rick's is a true comic store with a great variety of new titles and good amount of backstock.  Plus you can get graphic novels, manga, collecting supplies, toys, shirts, and statutes there also.  Rick runs a decent discount for his subscription customers, and he knows his comics as well as his customers.  Good comic book stores are hard to find (trust me, I know), and honestly Rick's is one of the best.  So say we all.  Okay kids, I need to do some Iron Gym before I crash.  Have fun and run hard.

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