Thursday, July 1, 2010

The AJC Peachtree 10K Countdown

Hail my running brothers and sisters!  My countdown has begun for the AJC Peachtree 10K on the 4th.  I'm taking my  family down to Atlanta, and we're spending the weekend with some great friends who are generously putting us up.  The course will have plenty of elevation to be challenging.  I'm going off in one of the first waves so I'm hoping that the temps will be a cool 70.  My training hasn't been great lately, so I think anything under 50 mins will be acceptable but I'm shooting to finish around 45 mins.

Talking about my training, this is as good a time as any to talk about summer training/running.  The main reason that I haven't run much is that it's just too damn hot (and surprise, surprise...I'm not much of a morning runner).  So if you're willing to test your sanity like me by running outside in the afternoon, I suggest the following:  

1.  Drink some cold water before you run.  A cold drink before you run will make sure you are properly hydrated before you exercise and help keep your core temperature down.

2.  Bring fluids and stay hydrated.  I use a handheld with water (sometimes Gatorade) for anything under 10 miles.  Anything over that I bring along my fuel belt.

3.  Pick a shady route.  This can be hard if you run in an urban area, but any shade can be physically and mentally refreshing.  For my long runs, I prefer to run in park full of trees.  It helps keep me cool and it's nice to be surrounded by nature.

4.  For as few runs as I'm doing, I'm trying to make sure they are quality runs.  I'm doing speed intervals/tempo runs, hill training, and long runs.  If I can only run 3 days a week, I want those runs to be good runs.

5.  Since I'm running less, I'm at the gym and the pool more.  Not running, doesn't mean that I get to be a slug.  I'm digging swimming at the Y, and it feels good to be throwing up some iron again.  Honestly though, I usually end up doing body weight exercises at home, since I don't get much time to make it to the gym.

Now for the hard numbers:  Today I did 20 laps at the YMCA pool in 29:43 mins.  I still swim like a frog, but my endurance seems to be building as my rest breaks were less and less.  I also did 13 minutes of conditioning/light calisthenics.  Wish me luck this weekend.  Later kids!


Julie said...

Good luck on Sunday Joel:)

Psyche said...

Sounds like you are being an ANIMAL as usual, LawMonkey:)

ROCK that 10K this weekend!!!

Good luck:)

LMC said...

Hi Joel. Thanks for the tips on running in the heat. It's been brutal in NC. Also, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I always appreciate new readers with good comments! Finally, good luck with the 10K this weekend!!

Moore On Running said...

Good luck on the race. I am running a 12 hour race on Sunday so I am hoping for good weather.

The heat has been brutal down here in Charleston. I run in the afternoon, but the mornings here are not much better. Two weeks ago I ran a 5k at 6:30pm and the Heat Index was 110!!!

The handheld water bottles are the best thing ever invented!

Have fun!

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