Saturday, May 30, 2009

Time Off

Just a week after signing up for my first marathon and instituting a new cross-training plan, I have decided to lay off of running for a week and half to recover from all my previous over-training. Yes, I have to admit that my tendency towards over-training and relatively high pain tolerance has now caused me some discomfort, particularly in my right leg. Another contributing factor was seeing a massage therapist this week, and she commented that she thought my right ankle looked somewhat swollen. By the way, the sports massage was a godsend. My legs felt brand new after the therapy, and I will probably try an ice bath later tonight. I'm not giving up on my cross-training. I may as well work on my upper body while I'm side-lined, but I'm already jonesing for a run. I've tried the elliptical and the stationary bike, but I feel like I'm cheating on my running when I do them. Plus I just don't really get a good burn from those exercises. I know, I know...that's the idea, right? Well in my messed up head, if it doesn't hurt a little, then I'm not doing it right. I'm a bend, don't break guy, so I've got to figure out how to get more out of the low-impact cardio. Maybe I'll just do a ridiculous amount of weight training again. There's nothing like a barbell falling on your throat to make you feel the burn!

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