Thursday, June 4, 2009

Do not speak to me till after my workout

All right, I admit it. I am the worst, most evil person when I don't get to run. I become this super-snarky, mean old thing that will turn on a person at the drop of a dime. For example, I have not really run all week, nursing my leg and just taking it easy. I hadn't gotten in my workout today when my receptionist tried to pay me a compliment. Needless to say, I responded in typical Joel fashion with a very snarky, probably mean comment that need not be repeated here. While I appreciate the compliment and recognition of my hard work, I do not believe that I'm done reaching my goals. I can always lose 1 more pound or run 1 minute faster, at least that's what I believe in my head. While I'm proud of my accomplishments, I refuse to let myself become complacent by resting on my laurels. If I buy into all the compliments, then I'm just as likely to quit working out and running because I don't think that I have to do it anymore. I don't want to be the fat guy with my face in the empty pie tin anymore, and I won't be, barring a catastrophic injury.

Which leads to my workout today. Today was the day that I decided to really get back to my running form. I had intended to run only 3.5 miles to the pool we joined for the summer, but due to the rain, that plan got nixed. I was heading to the YMCA when I got sucked into a meeting which put me in a foul mood, which led me to making my receptionist cry or some such (maybe I just hurt her feelings). I finally made it to the YMCA after a light dinner with the family, and determined to make up for lost time, I worked up 7:30 mins/miles on the treadmill. I ended up running 7.6 miles in 60 mins at a pace of 7:54 mins/mile. My leg was burning, but the pain felt so good that I could not quit running or give up my pace. I may regret it tomorrow, but at least I'll be in a better mood.

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