Monday, June 15, 2009

Back to work

Okay, today I had a long run of 8 miles that averaged out at about 9:04 mins/mile. My route was a 4 mile loop that covers part of the country music marathon route up Music Row and through Belmont and back again. I started out at about 8:40 mins/mile and I hit 8:30 mins/mile around my 4 mile, but after that I was really feeling the heat and humidity (around 85 degrees. Ugh). I could really feel the tightness in my calves (especially the right) as I worked my way back to my office. However, despite my less than average performance, I was pretty happy considering that I had taken so long off trying to rest and recover. While I was cooling down, my endorphins were really kicking in and my lack of oxygen (I'm still working on my breathing as I pace myself) left me feeling high and great! There is nothing like the exhaustion of a good run that really taxes the system and pushes you to your limit. Now I'm off to re-hydrate and grab a hot bath!

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