Friday, March 12, 2010

Random Thoughts 3/13/10

Hail my running brothers and sisters! 
  • It’s late and I’m downloading Mass Effect 2.  It looks pretty cool from the trailers.  It was made by Bioware, so it should be pretty good.
  • Is anyone else watching Chuck?  I still love this show and having Kristen Kreuk guest-star was great.  She has a very smoldering, girl-next-door hotness about her.  Adam Baldwin is still delivering the funnies too.
  • I’ve been listening to Banned on the Run podcast on my Blackberry.  It’s kinda fun listening to my running peers talk about their running and running in general.
  • I have done little to no cross-training or conditioning this week.  I seriously need to start back before I lose my upper body fitness.
  • Clearly I’m not as funny as I think I am.
  • My running, while generally good lately, has suffered some because I’m not doing much variety.  Essentially, I’m doing tempo runs or long slow distance.  I really need to do some hill work and intervals.  
  • I’m still playing around with the content on my blog.  I’m hoping to add more shots of my routes and maybe even an elevation chart every once and awhile. 

ec 31210
  • I think that I ate something that did not agree with me, because I’m feeling a little queasy right now. Bleh.
  • Now for some hard numbers:  I got in an easy 5.8 minute mile. 
  • Ultimate Spiderman is a great read, because Brian Bendis really makes his characters fun to read.
Later kids!

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