Saturday, March 13, 2010

The PR Article

Hail my running brothers and sisters!  I was reading this month’s issue of Runner’s World as Kentucky was finishing off my beloved Vols in the SEC tournament (I was really hoping to see Ashley Judd cry as she was leaving Bridgestone Arena, but today, I’m the one crying.  Sigh.) and I came across this article by Peter Sagal.  Peter Sagal is the host of Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell MeIt’s a current events quiz show on NPR that’s really funny.  Turns out Peter Sagal is also a runner and contributing writer to Runner’s World.  This article is about Personal Records and what they mean to racers/runners.  Take a look.  Sagal really nails it with this article on why we chase the PR.  We chase it to challenge our past and future selves and to say that on this day, we were the best we ever have been or ever will be.  I guess in that respect, the PR is somewhat like Schrodinger’s cat, in that we have an equal chance to achieve a PR or fail to achieve it, and we won’t know whether we will  achieve it until we actually go after it.  Hmmm.  I just read that.  Scratch that.  Chasing the PR is nothing like Schrodinger’s cat.  Clearly I’m at that level of over-indulged blowhard with a delusions of self-importance and I need to be reigned in.  I’m blaming UT’s loss for this and not a defect in my personality.  Ha!

No hard numbers today, because I decided take a rest day before my long run tomorrow.  I did manage to work in about 20 minutes of conditioning with the resistance band.  Later kids.  

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