Sunday, September 5, 2010

End of the Week Recap 9/5/10

Hail my running brothers and sisters!  Week 6 of marathon training is down and out.  For the week, I did 32.86 miles at an average pace of 8:32/mi.  I did 2:30 hrs of cross-training.  Most of that was golf, but 10 minutes were some body weight exercises.  My weight feel in at 165 lbs this morning, because I spent most of the day eating yesterday after my long run.  Speaking of which, I did 20 miles with the Nashville Striders, and I hardly felt fatigued.  Unlike previous solo long runs, I felt the need to muscle through the run with a group.  My runs this week were right on pace this week.  I did skip one easy run this week, because I had some minor calf pain after racing my 5th and 6th grade cross country team in the school gym.  Skipping the run wasn't terrible, because I needed the rest/recovery plus I had already run some extra miles earlier in the week.  Next week, I have a 10k on Saturday in Murfreesboro, so I'm changing up my training schedule.  Next week was supposed to be a regular week, but I'm making it my rest week.  I really didn't want to try another 20 miler after a fast 10k.  

On an unrelated topic, yesterday was Derek Dooley's debut (Yay, alliteration!) with the UT Vols.  They laid an enormous beatdown to an unremarkable UT-Martin Skyhawks, 50-0.  I believe that this is a good sign for Dooley's tenure at UT, but I remain skeptical that this will be a better than 50% season.  If it is...awesome.  If not, it was our lack of depth and experience that hurt us, and next year should be better.  In any case, congratulations to my beloved UT on a good (not great) season opener.  Go Vols!

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