Sunday, August 22, 2010

End of the Week Recap 8/22/10

Hail my running brothers and sisters!  Week 4 of marathon training is down and out.  This week was a recovery week, but it was also the start of cross country practice.  So as I've whined said before, it was hard for me to get any actual recovery in, because I was running nearly every day (though no run was longer than 6 miles).  So after sneaking a run in (through the storm) yesterday, I decided to make today a recovery day, drop a run, and sit on my ass and watch TV do some quick cross-training.  This week I did 19.28 miles (not 22 as scheduled) at an average pace of 8:43/mi.  I only did 12 minutes of cross-training, but my weight came in at a solid 163.4 lbs.  It seems like a lot of my miles were run in the rain this week, and if I were a superstitious man (and I am), I would say that this is a bad omen for my marathon (and look, I said it.  Jinx!).  As for my dropped run, I say short, slow miles are better than no miles, and no miles are better than getting hurt as long as you go back out the day after.  I'm taking that one to heart, resting my gimpy ass tired legs and gearing up for week 5 of marathon training.  Yeehaw!  

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