Sunday, April 25, 2010

End of the Week Recap 4/25/10

Hail my running brothers and sisters!  This week I ran 40:46 miles this week at an average pace of 8:49/mi.  I did 22:00 of cardio/cross-training.  And as of today, I weighed in at a steady 156.4 lbs.  For those of you keeping up with my blog, my mileage was 3.8 miles short due to the tornado warnings (or were they watches?  I can never get that right), and my marathon getting cut short.

Despite my piss-poor disappointing marathon, I’m not done yet.  As I have discussed with the Running Guru, I’ve rallied by signing up for another marathon!  I’ve officially registered for the Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon on 11/13/10.  It has a small field of 700 marathoners and 800 half-marathoners.  The course is a relatively flat, double loop through the historic Chickamauga Battlefield.  Plus they start the race with a cannon blast!!!

And just to round out today’s post, here are some pics from the expo:

Me and Eddie George.  You can't tell from the pic
but Eddie is still huge.  The man is a beast.  Julie told
me that she would leave me for him.  I wouldn't blame her.

Me and Ryan Hall.  A really nice guy.  
I have no idea how he's already recovered from Boston.

Tara Stiles, Ryan Hall, and Eddie George on 
the Nissan Masters Panel at the Expo.

And for you Biggest Loser fans out there:

Me and Melissa.  She was much nicer in person 
than they make her out to be on the show.

All right.  That's it for now.  Next week, I go into a recovery week as I ease back into training.  Keep the faith.  Later kids!


Julie said...

Hi Joes,
Wow, awesome pictures:) I am super excited to see the one with you and Ryan Hall:) It looks like you had a fun time at the expo! Take care Joel!

Nitmos said...

Great run!

I'm sure she's very nice...but I was thrilled when she was kicked off....TWICE! I believe I even muttered 'Good riddance'.

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