Sunday, April 18, 2010

End of the Week Recap 4/18/10

Hail my running brothers and sisters!  Another week down and now 6 days until my marathon.  This week I ran 30.68 mi at an average pace of 9:03/mi.  I did 1:20:00 of conditioning, and weighed in a bit high at 157.6 lbs.  Last night was the Spring Auction for my kids’ school and I’m afraid that I showed less restraint than I should have.

I got in 2 x 10 mi runs this week but my first 10 mi run, I did with a friend at a 10:36/pace.  I did get in a track workout this morning.  Nothing too strenuous, but it felt good to do a little speed work.  I did 2 x 1600 m, 2 x 800 m and 1 x 400 m at an average pace of 7:42/mi with 400 m recoveries in between.  It felt really good to be back on the track again.  Probably because I hadn’t been on the track in awhile, I went out a bit harder than I should have, but I kept the workout short in honor of taper week.

As I’m rolling into my final week, taper madness has taken full hold on my sensibilities.  I’m trying not to read too many magazines or training guides, because I don’t want to damage whatever fitness that I have left with some crazy training workout.  My anxiousness is at an all time high as I stare at my course map and fly through the miles in my head.  If I’m not doing that, then I’m checking the daily forecast for some hint of change in the weather (currently calling for highs of 81 with scattered showers) or reviewing my playlist for proper cadence and inspiration (by the way, we’re going full-on redneck running for the my hometown marathon.  It seemed appropriate to stick with all country music for the Country Music Marathon after all). 

This is the last week of taper.  I’m still running nearly every day, but I’m keeping my mileage low and my intensity high.  My thought is to not let my body slip into some non-running coma just as I’ve re-found my pace (about an 8 count-beat in my head), but by keeping the workouts short, I maximize my recovery.  All right, that’s it.  Next week I need to give props to my wife, family, and friends for marathon support.  Clearly without their understanding, patience, and encouragement, I would not have made it this far.  But, that as they say, is a topic for another evening (and another, and another).  Later kids!


Psyche said...

Sounds like things are right on track (no pun intended!). Definitely stay away from too much reading! It's all mental now.

I think I did myself in by reading an article by Brad Hudson right before a key workout. He mentioned how you needed to be able to do "x" 3 weeks out, and it should feel easy.. When the workout didn't go well, it was like a double fail.

Do nothing but confidence building things fromhere on out. You're almost there! Wheeeee!!

Julie said...

Hi Joel,
Wow, I can believe that you have six days until your marathon!! Nice work on keeping it together:) You are are going to do great! Keep a good attitiude and try to helps:) Have a good one!

Moore On Running said...

Good luck on the tapper. I love running near home. Just found out that there is finally going to be a full marathon in Charleston next January. Good luck!

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