Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Year in review

Hail my running brothers and sisters! This seems like as good of time as any to get in my Year-in-Review. Thanks to the handy-dandy training log at, it appears that I've clocked 1192.1 miles to date with an average pace of 9:22/mile. Not bad for a guy that last year wouldn't have run further than the couch to the kitchen to get a slice of pie or bacon (or both if I was feeling froggy. Hmmm....pie and bacon). I've run 16 races of various distances. My best times being: 21:38-5k, 7:15-10k, 7:11-5 miles, 1:45:31-13.1 miles, and 3:52:31-26.2 miles. I now have 8 pairs of running shoes (2 are trail shoes), and of those 8, I suspect that I will be retiring 2 pairs by the end of spring. As of today, I'm 162 lbs, 14.3% body fat, and 23.4 bmi.

Did I meet my goals for the year?
-Weigh 170 lbs. - Got it. Holding steady.
-Take health more seriously - uh, yeah. Check.
-Run a 25:00 5k - Bingo!
-Run a half-marathon - Bam!

Overall, I've got to say that health and training-wise, my year has been spectacular (despite my recent lag in training). I've exceeded the goals that I set for myself, and I even managed to convert a few people over to my health kick insanity. Maybe the biggest surprise for me is that I ran a marathon this year. I truly believed that I would not be ready to run a marathon until 2010, and honestly I still can't believe that I did it at times.

Looking back, I've learned that if I focus on my goals and work hard, I can reach them. But I've also learned that maintaining those goals takes patience and diligence. It would be easy for me to slide back into those size 40 waist pants if I let myself, but honestly I don't want to be that guy anymore. I hope in some small way that I can serve as an example to my kids that they should take their health seriously also, so that they can be healthy and happy with who they are.

For those of you who were wondering, this is not the end of my journey. A quick glance at the races that I have planned for next year will give you an idea of what I have planned. However, I'll leave next year's goals for my New Year's blog. I hope everyone has a happy and healthy holiday! Run hard and have fun kids!

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Noah Moore said...

Great job this year! The hardest part of all of this is staying with it. I know for me it would be easy to go back to being a slug, but what's fun is that?

Merry Christmas!

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