Thursday, December 17, 2009

'Tis the Season

Hail my running brothers and sisters! Ho, ho, ho! Isn't that Tiger's line? That was my cheap shot of the day, but now I'm moving on. 'Tis the Season of giving, yuletide cheer and dammit...little to no running. I will let all those other guys talk about how the holidays are a time of cheer and giving. At Run Monkey Boy Run, I will whine like a spoiled child that I haven't been able to keep up with my training. While this winter has been fairly mild so far, I've found that I'm not very fond of running in the cold. Maybe it has to do with all those layers of clothes weighing me down, but it's usually the cold air burning in my lungs that's the worst. Throw in the short days and lack of sunshine, and that leaves me a very short window of time to get a decent run in during the day. I keep toying with the idea of going to the gym, but the-powers-that-be just closed the YMCA next door to my building! I could run down the street to the newly remodeled Y, but I haven't finished mourning my old standby. Plus the thought of wasting an hour on the dreadmill is...well, just dreadful. So I've decided not to beat myself up for not running everyday this month. I've decided to ignore the fact that I've gained 5 lbs back in unflattering places. And I've decided to just try and enjoy being with my family as I recover and rest up for next year. That way, when January rolls around, I'll be ready to hit the bricks and throw up some iron again. Here's to next year. Cheers. Run hard and have fun!

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