Sunday, August 23, 2009

Coaching Tips for the Insane

As many of you know, not only am I inflicting my insanity on my close friends, but now I'm inspiring/torturing a whole new generation of runners. Our first practice was fairly low key, just a few laps around the school for the kids. Watching the kids run did give me a few new ideas for their training, especially since I needed some new/different/safe ideas. Apparently throwing wrenches at 3-6 graders is frowned upon by other parents and teachers. Who knew? I'm thinking instead of grabbing a hockey mask and chasing the kids around the school! Don't worry, I'll give them a headstart. I'm also considering making the slowest kid run with my hyperactive, 80 lb. lab puppy. Jack will get those kids running!

My personal training is progressing along nicely as I get ready to hit the home stretch of my training. I knocked out an easy 11.33 miles today at a 9:40/mile pace. I tried my warm up at steeplechase, but I decided that I was just as likely to twist my ankle from running on that horse-pocked track. My form has been pretty solid as has my endurance and speed. So today, I decided to work on my breathing. My new training trick was to sing while I ran. I figured if I could keep running while I was singing, then I would have to be breathing efficiently to maintain that speed. Now I imagine the young lady walking her dog wasn't ready for sweaty Filipino zip past her blaring out the Hannah Montana soundtrack, but she did wave hello despite her bewilderment.

On my self-designed training schedule, this week will be mostly cross-training with some light, easy mileage. With my 12 miles that I logged today and the 20+ miles I hope to log on Saturday, that leaves a couple of short runs this week. I may try to find a track somewhere and do some speedwork, but I'm also considering taking 2 days off if I can keep my damn face out of the refrigerator.

Also I still haven't decided on a slogan for the back of my marathon t-shirt that my wife is ordering. I was leaning towards "The distance between pride and santiy is 26.2 miles" but my lovely wife says that it isn't funny enough. Any ideas? Okay, I'm outta here. Later kids.

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