Sunday, August 31, 2008

So I was wondering...

My family and I are in Union County visiting my wife's grandmother's
house. My wife, Julie, is driving and the kids are listening to Mylie
Cyrus, Fly on the Wall. This is not my favorite Mylie song, which is
sad that I even have a favorite Mylie song. My daughter knows the
song is coming, because she's asked me play it again (sigh). As the
song starts, she says "Look it's a fly!". Julie and I laugh as I look
over and notice the single-wide trailers dotting the landscape of
these very steep hills. They were perched precariously on cinder
block bases next to narrow dirt driveways. So I'm wondering what I'm
always wondering when I see these sights: How the heck did they get
those trailers up there? What feat of engineering did they use to
accomplish these amazing balancing act? Was it something similar to
the building of the pyramids? Did they use a tow truck? A gigantic
crane maybe? I remain perplexed.

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