Friday, August 29, 2008

Ok, I admit I'm lazy, but man now I feel old too

As I usually do on Friday afternoons, I sneak out of the office early to play a quick nine holes at the local muni course here in town. Now one of the guys with whom I play decid, es that real golfers walk, and we should walk. Now this buddy of mine is several years younger, and still full of energy and life. How do I know this? Well he still takes pride in his work and when he talks about work, his voice doesn't seem to carry that same cold, jaded timber that my voice does. I'll readily admit that I am not the healthiest man in the world. After all my saying used to be, "I may be fat, but I'm happy." Well at the urging of my family, I have tried working out more, watching what I eat, and generally trying to be healthier. I've probably lost around 13 pounds this summer. So I'm not a complete slob. But DAMN!! It sucked to walk. The course had terrible pull carts, so I carried my 'light-weight' bag. Lies. That damn bag got heavier the closer we got to the clubhouse, I swear. So now I'm sitting here typing away, my whole body is sore like I've been carrying a fat clown around on my shoulders for 9 holes. I feel so sore that I can barely turn my neck. Damn kid, making me walk when he knew my old, lazy butt should have been riding. And no, I refuse to take any blame for this. Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm too dumb to actually act my age. Here I am whining and bellyaching about how old and bad I feel, but all I can still think about is how I want to go hit some golf balls before bed. I am such an idiot.

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