Thursday, August 28, 2008

8/27/08 Comics Review-Only geeks need apply

For a week that had way too many books come out, there were very few, if any, stand out titles. For me, the stand out comics were Brit #8 and The New Avengers #44, but even these were not great, just pretty darn good.

Bruce Brown's dialogue and character interaction in Brit do proper homage to the characters created by Robert Kirkman. The book is full of action and comic beats that hit all the right notes at a good pace for the reader. Brit's sister, Britney, is a wonderful, caustic character that reminds us how much fun it is to be a bitch sometimes. She could easily steal this book away from the title character, and under Bruce Brown's direction, could probably handle her own book easily. The artwork by Nate Bellegarde, Andy Kuhn, and FCO Plascencia was strong and clean and set the pacing well within the story.

The New Avengers #44 is a crossover story in the Secret Invasion event over at Marvel. You can't really call it a continuing story, as Bendis has lately inundated us with so much backstory that the reader almost forgets that the actual invasion is only in like day 2 or 3 of the actual series. Billy Tan, Matt Banning and Justin Ponsor deliver good art with lots of dynamic action, but at times it appeared like Banning's inks were a bit too heavy in spots.

Finally, my latest discovery/purchase that has the inner geek in me cheering: collection drawers! Theses comic collection boxes are essentially drawers in the box so that it's easier to get access to your collection. Due to the nature of the drawer, the books at the very back of the box will be hard to reach without pulling the whole drawer out if you intend to pack the box full. I would suggest putting a small box in the back allowing the drawer to stay in the box without having to pull it all the way out. You lose some storage space, but thems the breaks. If you're interested, the website is: All right I'm out.

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