Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Hail my running brothers and sisters! It's Thanksgiving Eve, and tomorrow is a big day. I start off the day with the Boulevard Bolt 5 mile Turkey Trot at 8:00. Then I get to ready myself for Thanksgiving, which my lovely wife refers to as Joel Day (I haven't decided if she calls it that because it's my favorite holiday or if it's because she thinks I'm a Turkey). My mileage has been light the last couple of weeks, but after next Friday, I'm hoping to get back into more serious training. I'll admit that the cold weather and the short days has made it hard for me to motivate for long mileage. Still, I can't wait to get into a race again, even though my training has been less than stellar. I'm hoping to just run under 8:00/mile at this point. Oh well, wish me luck. I'll probably need it! Run hard and have fun!

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