Saturday, April 18, 2009

Another weight loss contest

It appears that the health revolution in my office has spawned another weight loss contest. I'm throwing in my 5 bucks to help motivate everyone. I'm not really competing as I've hit my weight loss goal, but I feel like I should show my support. Plus it gives me carte blanche to taunt the weak. Just kidding. Maybe. I think that weight loss contests are good in that they help kick-start peeps on a healthier way of living. However, the downside is that people tend to re-bound back to their old bad habits after the contest is over. This is where constantly setting new goals for yourself makes a difference with weight loss. After my first weight loss contest, I saw how easy it was to lose 10 lbs in a month, and I thought I could do better. So my friend Tiffany and I kept challenging each other until I was just doing it to challenge myself. The hardest part was not letting set-backs or a plateau de-rail everything that I did. Fortunately for me, my personality saw even a minor set-back as a challenge to work harder the next day. Setting realistic goals for myself, i.e. losing 5 lbs in 2 weeks, kept me motivated. Understanding that moments of weakness will happen, but not letting them bring me down, kept me on my path.

On my mp3 player: So What - Pink. This is a great angry song to really get you going.

Snack of the day: Red seedless grapes. They are a great antioxidants. They will keep your heart healthy and may even protect against cancer. I love them for their sweet juiciness and they fill me up. I actually replaced chocolate and candy with grapes and other fruit.

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