Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Pinewood Derby Obstrution

So I still haven't figured out my race schedule for the year, and we're already into the middle of January.  It's not for lack of looking however. I've gone through the regional marathons for the fall, but nothing is jumping out at me.  I keep toying with the Tupelo Marathon in September, but damn, I'm betting it's gonna be hot.  Throw in that it does not play to my strengths as it is not a big marathon, so I'm really iffy about this one.

Official Pinewood Derby car kit.
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Meanwhile, I've been neck deep in activities with my kids, and I have not had much time to do anything else.  For example, today I had 5th grade basketball practice (which I love (We're 3-2, so not too bad so far.)) and kids marathon training after practice (which helped with my weekly mileage, so that's all good).  When I get home from work tomorrow, I promised the boy that we would start on his pinewood derby car (Ya know, there's a reason that I'm not a woodworker).  Nevermind that he didn't want to use the skill saw of the nice man at the scout meeting because he wanted it to be handmade (Did I mention that nothing in my skill set includes woodworking?  Just wanted to make sure we got that straight).  If I haven't managed to saw off my thumb by the weekend, it will be a frakkin' miracle.  On the totally random plus side, I've re-discovered Coolio thanks to Rachel vs. Guy Celebrity Cook Off.  1-2-3-4...Get your woman on the floor!

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