Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Marathon Training Update

Hail my running brothers and sisters! Week....ummm...huh.  Maybe, I ought to back up a bit.  Almost 2 weeks ago, I had me a little car accident on my way back home from Knoxville.  Long story-short, I got distracted, over-compensated, spun my car, and ended up on the shoulder, lucky not to have ended up in the bottom of a cliff.  My car was totaled but I miraculously walked away relatively unscathed.  I say relative as I did not have any broken bones, but after a trip to the orthopedist and an x-ray later, he determined that I had some build-up on my tibia that indicated I might develop a stress fracture, if I continued running (I also have an injury to my coccyx.  No point to that.  I just like to say coccyx).  He prescribed 2-4 weeks off.  I mentioned my upcoming marathon to him and mentioned that I could miss it due to a stress fracture if I wanted.  Thanks doc.  Why don't you pass me the bacon and pie right now?  Well in my running exile, I dutifully (if not resentfully) rested my legs, and cross-trained on occasion (why is doing the elliptical so sucky?).  Thankfully I hadn't canceled my Y membership, so I was able to get in some weight work (do NOT ever sit down on a weight bench with a 40 lb weight in your lap and an injured coccyx!)  and low-impact cardio (seriously, why is the elliptical so sucky!?!) After 2 weeks of being pissy and mopey, I went out for a run today.  I hit the track (I assumed that it would be easier on my legs) and did an easy 3 miles.  While my pace was good (8:23/mi avg), it felt like I was running through mud.  I was breathing hard and I cringed at every little ache.  Still, it was good to be back out running again.  After I finished, I came home, had some breakfast, and took a cold bath (just in case).  So my plan for the rest of the week is to go easy and re-build my mileage somewhat before I start my taper.  With 3 weeks to go until my marathon in Chattanooga, I'm throwing out my original goal of 3:25 and just hoping to finish with my legs intact at this point.  I may be able to recover and do even better than I imagine, but the realist in me says that isn't likely.  It's a somewhat disappointing realization after all my training, but I'm still going to enjoy it and have some fun.  Later kids!  Keep the faith!

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