Monday, September 21, 2009

Quick thoughts 9/21/09

1. No cross country practice. I was kinda bummed about that, because I really like working with the kids. They're all doing great. No one has taken my advice of peeing in the bushes yet. However one parent/coach seemed to enjoy my explanation of bladder tension and the effects on running to the kids.

2. Did a quick 8 miles today. That's the most mileage that I've gotten in days. I need a long run so badly that my muscles are starting to ache with the need. I've tried to make up for the lack of long runs with more speed/tempo runs, but it's just not the same.

3. I just finished reading "Again to Carthage" by John Parker, Jr. I really enjoyed it. It's probably one of the best, if not best, fictional books about running that I've ever read. It really gets into the head of the runner without being too preachy. I'll probably too a longer review along with "Once a Runner" later.

4. I picked up "Big Bang Theory" Season 1 on DVD. It's been good to get in touch with my inner geek. After spending so much time re-building my physical attributes, it's been fun to remember that I have an awesome mind also!

5. Thomas Bagels makes a good cinnamon swirl bagel. It could use a bit more cinnamon, and it would be nice if it were made from whole wheat, but it's still darn tasty with 10 grams of protein to boot!

6. I still think that women make dominant distance/endurance runners with their ability to endure pain. I suspect that it has something to do with their biology to endure the ridiculous pain of child birth. While women may not be faster than men due to the differences in muscle mass, I still believe that the mind and body's ability to handle pain means that women can run farther and longer. If you don't believe that women can endure pain, ask my wife how life with me is.

That's it for now. Later kids and keep on running!

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